1. These Terms and Conditions (Terms) regulate the use by the person or persons (You or Your) who sign up or subscribe to the Website and applications relating thereto (the Website) which is owned and operated by Wedding Deets Pty. Ltd. (ACN 617 806 934) email: (We or Us).
  2. If You use the Website You:
    1. are deemed to have agreed to and You do so pursuant to these Terms;
    2. represent and warrant that You have the right, authority, and capacity (being over 18 years of age) to enter into and agree to these Terms.
  3. You acknowledge that these Terms may be amended from time to time on not less than 7 days written notice given by Us to You.

  5. The Website has been created for You to create, arrange, and organise Your own wedding website by selecting one of our pre-designed templates and populating the content in a style chosen by You with Your own content (Your Site) with a minimum of difficulty.
  6. The use of our Website to create Your Site is available to you on payment of the fee referred to in clause 7 of these Terms (the Fee).
  7. Once you create Your Site you are solely responsible for any content, messages, photos, videos, reviews, profiles, and information that you publish, display or transmit to other users of the Site or through Your own mobile applications You create.
  8. You must not post on Your Site or transmit content that:
    1. is unlawful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, offensive, pornographic, profane, sexually explicit, or indecent;
    2. constitutes or encourages conduct that may be a criminal offence or give rise to civil liability;
    3. violates, plagiarises, or infringes the rights of third parties in relation to any copyright, trademark, patents, rights of privacy or publicity or any other proprietary right;
    4. contains a viral component;
    5. contains any information, software or other material of a commercial nature or constitutes advertising or contains false or misleading information or statements or is inaccurate.

  10. We are offering You the choice of 3 packages ( which will provide You with access to our Website, with our pre-designed templates which give You the tools and ability to create Your Site with the functionality provided by each package. These packages are the Basic Package, the Premium Package, and the Custom Package. The Packages consist of:-
    1. The Basic Package, which provides You with access to the Website which facilitates and allows You to access one of our pre-designed templates to create and edit the templates to reflect Your own style of wedding and create Your Site;
      1. the ability to receive responses to Your wedding (RSVP);
    2. The Premium Package, which provides You with:
      1. access to the Website which facilitates and allows you to access one of our pre-designed templates to create and edit the templates to reflect Your own style of wedding and create Your Site;
      2. the ability to send “Save the Date” notifications to Your guests in Your chosen style;
      3. the ability to send “Invitations” to Your guests in Your chosen style;
      4. the ability to group Your guests;
      5. the ability to send notifications and receive responses from Your guests of other activities in which they may wish to participate, via RSVP;
      6. the ability to password protect Your RSVP page;
      7. the ability to receive email notifications when Your guests respond;
      8. the ability to have a custom domain name for Your website;
      9. the ability to add a Photo Feed and Countdown Clock to Your website.
    3. The Custom Package, which provides You with full access to and participation with Us in the creation, design and style of Your Site, without use of our templates including giving You the functionalities contained in the Premium Package.
  11. Fee

  12. The Fee structure We will charge once-off for the Package you choose:
    BASIC AU$180
  14. Our Fee is paid up front by way of credit card payment which Fee is debited to Your card only once You have signed up to the Website as set out in clause 11 below and completed the trial in clause 12 below (Subscribed).

  16. To obtain details of our website payment packages please proceed to the link: You sign up by providing the personal detail required in the sign up process.
  17. Once you have signed up by supplying Your personal details, The following processes will apply:
    1. You have a 30 day trial period (the Trial Period) during which You can access the Website in order to establish:
      1. whether it is suitable for Your requirements and what you wish to achieve;
      2. whether it will assist You in creating Your Site and is suitable and acceptable to You;
      3. the Package You wish to utilise and the Fee structure You wish to adopt;
    2. Your site will not be published or viewable to guests until You have selected a Package and made full payment as per our Fee structure in clause 9 above;
  18. TERM

  19. As indicated the Term of our arrangement with You and Your access to the Website is for an unlimited time or until You wish to terminate Your arrangement.

  21. On sign up We:
    1. will capture and have access to Your name and email address as the possible user of the Website. We will communicate with You and all notices will be given to You via the email address provided by You.
    2. will not:
      1. have access to Your password, You as a user create;
      2. have access to Your credit card details. These will not be saved on our server or on our system (they will be saved to
  22. On sign up You:
    1. will provide Your personal and credit card details;
    2. have access to our Website for the Trial Period;
    3. Communicate with Us and all notices will be given to Us via the email address provide in the Terms.
  23. On purchase after the Trial Period:
    1. Your credit card will be debited in accordance with Your chosen Fee;
    2. You will have access to all the Website’s backend systems enabling You to select one of our pre-designed templates and populate all the content with Your own personal content to create Your Site, depending on the Package you choose;
    3. You will have access to all the features listed on the “Features Page” on:, depending on the Package chosen.

  25. We will take all reasonable security measures to protect the Website and Your Site but cannot and do not warrant, represent, or guarantee that:
    1. The Website or Your Site will not be hacked or suffer any server interruptions or server down time or not be the subject of technical problems whether external or internal;
    2. Email invitations or communications reach their intended destination as a result of spam or junk mail filters at the receiving end.

  27. You indemnify and hold Us harmless against any claim, loss, expense, or liability incurred by You as a consequence of:
    1. Your or Your guests’ use of the Website and Your Site;
    2. The content of Your Site;
    3. Any security interruptions and issues raised in clause 18 above;
    4. Your breach of Your undertakings in clauses 6 and 7 of these Terms.

  29. All copyright and intellectual property rights in the Website, its code, design and content is the proprietary property of and belongs to Us. You may use this intellectual property and copyright material for personal purposes only for the creation of Your Site, while ownership will always remain with Us. You cannot reproduce, copy, use for commercial purposes or sell any of the intellectual property that belongs to Us.

  31. You agree to and accept our privacy policy set out hereunder:
    1. We will collect names, addresses and email addresses for You and Your guests as a consequence of You signing up and subscribing to the Website and your guests’ interaction with the Website;
    2. We do not use You or Your guests’ personal information other than for the purposes for which You have entered into this agreement with Us on the Terms set out herein;
    3. We do not contact Your guest list for any reason or sell, trade or deal in any personal information We may collect;
    4. We collect, hold, or use personal information which We may have only for the following purposes:
      1. To verify Your identity;
      2. To provide any of the features on our Website to You and Your guests and to update and enhance these features from time to time for Your benefit;
      3. To improve and provide a better service and product to You and obtain feedback from You;
      4. To ensure the content of the Website is presented in the most effective, personalised, and proficient manner for You and/or Your computer.
      5. To contact You during the Term if necessary;
    5. We do not disclose any personal information which You may provide to Us or which We may have on the Website to any other person or entity whether locally or overseas. The circumstances in which We may use or disclose Your personal information include:
      1. The matters referred to in clause 20.4 above;
      2. In confidence to our advisors.
  32. These Terms are read, understood, accepted, and agreed to by You, by signing up to the Website in accordance with clause 11 or by subscribing to the Website in accordance with clause 12.